MEFTI catalyzes a social impact network focused on farm to institution in Maine to build a healthy and sustainable regional food system.



MEFTI uses the following set of interrelated core values to drive our work:

  1. A Food Economy that Benefits All: Our food system should reflect the real price of food, pay fair wages for workers, offer fair prices for producers, and ensure accessibility and affordability of local, healthy food for all.

  2. Building Networks to Create Power: Authentic connections, collaboration, peer-to-peer sharing, distributed and democratic leadership/representation, and learning among food systems stakeholders are critical network functions that influence positive disruption and amplify innovation.  

  3. Food System Education & Awareness: Knowledge of the potential and pitfalls of the food system, the complexities of getting food to our plates, and the importance of local, healthy food should be shared with all food system stakeholders.

  4. Food as Medicine: Access to and consumption of fresh, local, healthy food by all is fundamental to health.

  5. Resiliency: Institutions can empower local and regional durability and adaptability through their economic and social actions; a robust local and regional food system is essential to community and society’s resilience.

  6. Thriving Environment: To ensure environmental well-being and health into the future, we must protect the land, air, and water that sustain our food system and all life.

  7. Transparency: Open access to and sharing of information along the supply chain and across the food system and our networks creates opportunities for positive change.

  8.  Equity: Undoing racism, poverty, and other societal inequities, and including those most impacted by those inequities, is critical in developing a food system that is fair and just for everyone.




A strong Maine Farm to Institution Network supports a transparent, resilient, environmentally sustainable, accessible, and equitable food system, where Maine institutions regularly serve Maine food and leverage their influence to teach people the benefits of supporting a local food economy that benefits all.



The role of MEFTI is to be a farm to institution network catalyst that does the following:

  • Connect, Convene, and Build Community

  • Collect, Disseminate & Discuss information, stories, and resources

  • Strategize & Advocate for a healthy, sustainable Maine food system

  • Collaborate with other food system partners and networks